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“Social media allows big companies to act small again” – Jay Baer

And small companies to act big!


We're all about #supportingsmallbusiness.

Whether you've been in the game for a few years or are just getting started we're here to help. Because you know what? We're a small business too!

Our packages are structured around empowering you to become a social media savvy business and reaching your customers directly.

We've created our packages to align with different budgets, needs and skill levels to help you get the most out of what we have to offer.

Our team is based between Brisbane & the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia so if you're a local we'd love to see you at one of our Small Business - training workshops! 

Don't stress if you're not a Queensland local because we'd love to link up online with you too!

We've been hustling hard so you don't have to (well you do, but not here), to bring you the best tricks of the trade direct from industry professionals.

Social Media Services for Small Business

Social Media Services for Small Business


Ella Doyle, Founder & Executive Consultant

Ella Doyle, Founder & Executive Consultant

Ella is a social media addict, but not in your typical millennial way (aka you'll rarely see her using a puppy filter while sipping her morning coffee). She's addicted to the constantly evolving sphere of social discourse and the new ways people are interacting digitally with their surroundings. She's obsessed with learning the ins and outs about how data is sourced from individuals and what that means for brands.

Ella is a QUT graduate with a degree in Business, majoring in Public Relations (#FunFact: she also took a course in 'Likability' once, so she humble-brags that she's "Certified Likeable"). She began her career with Suncorp Bank working to create a social media framework around the way they communicate with their customers through social media. She moved on to working in an advertising agency as their social media specialist and worked with some of Australia's biggest retail brands and various Government departments.

She stepped out of the corporate jungle gym to get her feet dirty and hang out with some badass entrepreneurs to help them kickstart their dreams (using social media). She personally oversees every project that Social Cut is involved with to ensure the best quality work is produced (also because she has FOMO and loves to mingle). Reach out via our contact form to chat to her!

Lilli Collingwood, Graphic Design & Creative Consultant

Lilli Collingwood, Graphic Design & Creative Consultant

Lilli started her life at Social Cut as a social media intern but soon upgraded to full-fledged creative powerhouse thanks to her keen eye for design and flair for creative copy. She's a Bachelor of Design and Communication student at USC, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photographic Practice.

Lilli's a passionate creative who extends beyond the boundaries of boxes and thrives off big visions. She's all about diving into to the deep end and pushing herself to her creative limits. 

We've discovered that her love for vector design is only matched by her passion for pastels, which suits us just fine! You can find her day to day doodles over at lIllIDesigns (but don't be fooled, this gal can nail just about any brief thrown her way).

When she's not creating and curating content for the Social Cut team, you'll find her teaching classes at her local gym and exploring the Sunshine Coast.