12 Months of Content Marketing Done in Just 5 Days

Even Bill Gates could find the time do to this!

Even Bill Gates could find the time do to this!

With some forward planning, most social media marketing for a year can be done in just 5 days. Here's a basic guideline to getting your content down when you still think you're too busy for Social Media...


Day One

Jot down 12 services or products that you provide and start writing about 1000 words on each. These will be your blogs. Sounds like a lot but if you tell a story using a case study, you will be surprised how quickly you will reach 1000.

Day Two

Finish the 12 blogs. Assign each one to a month and nominate a weekday when they will appear on your blogsite or website.

Day Three

If you don’t already have a site to post blogs, set up one on WordPress (and include your logo). Better still, set up one on your website. Download images from image freeware sites that add value to your writing and insert into the blog. Add a few but relevant word tags so your blog may be found by a search engine. Post.

Day Four

Open up a MailChimp newsletter account. Import all your contacts as a csv. file, choose a newsletter template (don’t forget to include your logo in it!). Cut and paste a brief summary of your first blog into the text box, ending with a link to the main blog. Include one of your downloaded images. Schedule when you want it to be posted. Do this 11 more times for each remaining blog. You now have a year’s supply of newsletters done. (It’s even quicker if you already have a MailChimp newsletter account set up.) You can also edit your newsletter before it’s sent.

Day Five

Pick out four topics in each blog (or five, for those months when that weekday occurs five times). Save these in a Word.doc so you can access them easily. These are what you put up on Facebook, Twitter and so on each week, again with a link to the main blog.

If you have a LinkedIn account, post the complete blog but change 50% of it and give it a new title; otherwise, the search engines will recognise that it has already been posted and will penalise its ranking.

So there you have it, 12 months of marketing content in under a week. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the year!


This article was contributed by Susan Pierotti, a writer and editor whose book, Manuscript to Market, was published in 2017. She works with business owners and first-time authors. Her articles have appeared in numerous online and print publications. She is an Accredited Editor with the Institute of Professional Editors. Find her here!