Gearing Up for some Active Competition

How we place our brand as a leader in active wear

How we place our brand as a leader in active wear

How we place our brand as a leader in active wear in a super competitive market...

As a leading company in activewear industry we know a few things about branding and marketing our company the right way. Starting off we actually had a jump start as we were the first to sell great Australian brands in the UK and European market but that competitive edge soon disappeared. As a company we have always had the same belief: buy right, style right and the sales will come. We are a retailer so our strength isn't in the branding of the products because you can buy the latest adidas tee or must-have Under Armour leggings just as quick from their main sites / multiple stores.

We build a philosophy of active living in clothing which suits you. As a result we invest heavily in high quality imagery and work hard in building exceptional relationships with our customers. That could be in anything - our emails, packaging or phone calls, we want to help you, help you.

Although only a portion of our customers live in London we leverage our Kings Road store as an event space as well as a store.

That's why once a week we'll offer FREE yoga classes or run clubs or something else depending on the time of year. We've also been known to hire out larger spaces for bigger events. This is us giving back than for financial gain but that's how we believe businesses should be. If we are going to encourage wearing activewear as part of your lifestyle, we feel a duty to help you in living an active lifestyle. After all it's not easy!

As mentioned above we have two very experienced buyers who buy from the thousands of catalogs some of our suppliers provide. These purchases are key to our success because in buying we are already styling looks and providing ideas for our customers. Something overlooked by so many. As a result we also have an editorial section and our style files giving insights and advice every few days.

To sum up why we are successful in such a competitive space.... We care. We're in an industry with many fast fashion competitors looking to ride a wave of a changing culture. But we see ourselves as a contributor to this change and we plan to be around a long time after. We also this year without an advantages have started building a male retail site which has had a great start to life again using the philosophies to Active in Style


This Article was Written By: Thomas Gibbons - Digital Marketing Manager of Active in Style and The Active Man (aka the prince of Activewear)