Being a Creative in Small Business

Enhancing your creativity:

It is important that you nurture both the idea you started out with in your business and the vision of what motivated you to take the first steps to create it. Very often in the doing of all the practical aspects in your own business that initial inspiration, can get lost along the way. A vital key regardless of the style of business you are in is that you stay focussed on your “Why”. There are many tools out there with webinar’s and blogs by those that you admire, who have been successful in business and if you always remain willing to learn and glean idea’s from others then this will contribute to your success in your own business.

Play-Act: as if you are your own client:

Seek to have a look at how it is for a customer during their first approach to you as a business that they may be considering purchasing from or engaging with. Do some role playing with the help of a staff member or friend, so you can experience what it is that is being conveyed by you to a potential client. From this experience you can make changes as a result and work on how to make it even better for people, who seek you out. Regardless of it being in person or by phone or online our first impressions do have lasting effects and the more personable and approachable we are as business owners, the better it will be going forward.

Network and build bridges with other business owners that you can give and receive referrals from:

Very often there can be in some senses of isolation when you are running your own business and in particular when you first start out. Regardless it is always one of the best ways to build your business as long as you do your homework first up and only align with those that are also up on their game, with their product or service. A not so good referral with often come back to bite you otherwise as it can be seen as a reflection on you as the one recommending the other business.

This article was written by Doffie - a successful business woman with a strong drive and entrepreneur spirit. Doffie has been in her own business now for 40 years and has marketed and designed her own brand of products. She is also an interior designer and stylist, with a brilliant portfolio of client projects. She feels most fortunate to have sustained a great client following and to still achieve a lot of satisfaction within her business. Check out her work or get in touch with her here!