Does your business really matter?

So - what does the hype about Social Entrepreneurship really mean anyway?

So - what does the hype about Social Entrepreneurship really mean anyway?

We are more connected now than ever before. But have you ever stopped to think about whether your business is really connected to the community?

There is so much buzz around the term ‘social entrepreneurship’ – You’ve heard that it’s the way forward, but what does it all really mean?

In really simple terms, it means your business matters. Your business is solving a problem (or problems if you’re really savvy) for the people. It’s a business run by people, for people.

Here are my top tips to make sure your business matters.

- Don’t skip the important things. Just because you’re setting out to change the world doesn’t mean that you get to cut corners and skip the all-important business model that will allow you to make profit – you can’t make a difference if you can’t make the cash because you’ll be closing the doors quicker than those running towards the free sausage sizzle. Making money needs to have a parallel relationship with your social impact strategies.

- Be authentic, honest & personal. Being authentic in your impact goals is important. People are switched on, and they’ll see past the bullshit. Also, don’t lie. The internet exists, and you can find all the holes.

- Make your social impact strategy a part of all your decision-making processes. If you keep in mind the difference you’re setting out to make, your business decisions should align with that. For example, if you’re all about supporting local businesses would you really outsource your print jobs because it’s so much cheaper overseas?

- Collaborate. Unless you’re a superhero, it’s probably really hard to keep up with all the new information surrounding your social cause. So, create connections with people that are. Ask questions and reach out – most people are more than happy to help, especially if they know you’re supporting something that they’re passionate about.

So, is it about time you started working on your social impact strategies?

This article was contributed by Tara Baker - the founder of Dancing With Her - Australia's only publication dedicated to celebrating women in love, with women. Dancing With Her sets out to solve a social problem - the under-representation of diverse sexualities within wedding media, worldwide. We provide a platform for women to fell inspired by material they can relate to.