Quick tips for introducing yourself like a Boss

As small business owners we can often become insecure little creatures when people ask what we do. We often play it down a little when in fact we are badass go-getters that wear many hats! Often it can be hard for people to understand exactly what we do due to the nature of our ever changing roles, so here are some quick tips to introduce yourself like a Boss to ensure people know exactly who you are and what you do. Even us introverts can nail this!


* Firstly, a firm handshake and eye contact is essential.

* Rather than say ‘what you do’ first, talk about your purpose or your vision. For example, ‘Hi my name is Julia, I work with young Australians to empower them with the inspiration and resources to turn their passions into a career. I do this by sharing valuable resources on my website and one-on-one business coaching sessions with myself.’

* Always present nicely, and I’m talking about the way you look here. First impressions are everything. Make sure that you are well groomed and your clothes are clean and ironed, seems basic, but sometimes we can let these things go!

* Have a business card on hand that people will go ‘wow’ when they see it. Paying that bit extra per card may actually encourage someone to keep it or at least there will be more of a reason for them to remember you.

* Finally, once you have established who you are like a Boss, don’t forget to pay back the respect and show genuine interest in the person you are engaging with. Ask them questions and offer value to their life. Networking or meeting new people is never about you, it’s about them. Be creative about how you can be a positive influence in their life. What goes around comes around.


You now have the tips and tricks to introduce yourself like a Boss! It can be scary putting yourself out there and being confident in who you are, but doing something you are truly passionate about will always overwrite fear. Get yourself out there, meet new people and let the world know who you are!


This article was submitted by Julia Ikonomou -  She is a passionate entrepreneur and business coach. She founded Leaps & Bounds Co because she saw so many people around her who live a life without purpose, who just need a helping hand to realise their full potential. She works with business owners and startups that need some skills and guidance to convert opportunities into amazing outcomes.