The Best Spots in NYC to Refill Your Cup (Literally & Figuratively)

Okay so it’s been just over four months now living in New York city and I’m absolutely loving it. Like really loving it.  Each week it’s getting warmer and the trees are blooming and everyone just seems generally happier. Now that I’ve been here for a substantial amount of time, I guess you could say I’ve gotten around town. On weekends I spend most of my time hunting down new spots whether it’s parks, cafes, beaches (yes beaches!!), or places that I can just be. In a city that is go go go all of the time, it can be hard to get out the cycle of working all the time, especially when everyone else is doing just that. Soooo, I’ve compiled a list of places that I’ve narrowed down to be my favourite spots in NYC to refill your cup, your creative juices, and to take a breath.


1.     Washington Square Park / Manhattan

 This park is my favourite. I love sitting here in the sunshine on weekends and have a good old people watch. Whilst Central Park is the most talked about park in NYC, this park is peaceful and less populated, making it the perfect spot to sit and relax.


2.     Stone Fruit Espresso / Brooklyn

 This was one of the first cafes I went to when I first got here. It was close to my apartment and so it was super convenient. I love this café because it’s got a community vibe, the coffee is 11/10 , the tunes are a hit and I find it peaceful sitting here and doing some creative work. I also feel like a lot of creatives stumble into this café too so it makes you feel at home.


3.     Rockaways Beach

 I only discovered this beach recently and can say that I’ll definitely be spending more time here in Summer! It’s got nothing on Sunshine Coast beaches but it really was a lot nicer than I expected. Perfect place to set up camp on the weekend for a picnic!



4.     Partners Coffee Williamsburg/Manhattan

I’ve been to both spots in Williamsburg and Manhattan and confirm that they’re one of the best cafe chains. I often come here to do work and get so carried away that I suddenly realise I’ve been there for four hours… is that too long? Somebody tell me how long is overstaying your visit at a café??? Anyways, this is one of my top picks! Good coffee, good music & window working spots!


5.     Charley Street / Manhattan

 I don’t know if I love this one because its Australian owned or what, but it had good vibes and I just really liked it there. The staff were also really friendly and chatty which I love!  

If you’re ever in NYC, check out these spots and let me know if I’m alone on loving these places or if you agree… I’m no travel blogger or expert but trust me on these, I promise!


 Over and out- Lil