Social Cut's Successful Six

If you were a paint by numbers kinda gal, you're gonna love this!

If you were a paint by numbers kinda gal, you're gonna love this!

Social Media isn’t for everyone. In fact, some people get paid to manage Social Media accounts because it's sometimes thrown in the too hard basket. This got me thinking; "if I had to tell people 6 things that they should know when it comes to their business on social media, what would they be?"


1.     Consistency Is Key

When you decide on your business and how you’re going to brand it. Stick to it.  There’s nothing worse than a potential client coming across your Instagram page where your logo is red and purple but the logo on your website is blue and pink with a completely different font. It’s confusing! It’s also going to cost you a future customer. A “potential” customer doesn’t know your business or trust your business. If they don’t know who you are they most likely won’t stick around to find out. They’ll find someone else.


2.     Brand for your business

It’s important to know what your business stands for. Depending on your business its important to do research into think what styling your branding should consist of. For example if you’re a Naturopath your branding probably shouldn’t be electric colours. Your business is often seen as soothing to the body. So your branding should coincides with that. Try to  use soothing and calming colours such as violet, green and blue. But let's be really clear here: your brand is not just your logo! The colours and 'vibe' you choose needs to carry through your socials, your website and your office space.


3.     Know who your customers are

Something that successful business’ often overlook is their customer interaction. Your customers are keeping you in business. So keep them happy! Just like everyone else, customers want to feel valued to a business they support. Especially one they’re loyal to. As a business it’s your responsibility to ensure that happens.


·      Send them a greeting card on their birthday! – Maybe even a gift or voucher

·      Ask for feedback – What’s their opinion on a new product?

·      If they’ve recently purchased with you ask how they enjoyed their product?

·     Use social media to create two way conversation and really foster those relationships - get chatty my friend!

Get creative!


4.     Invest in your exposure

Now this one's where people tend to skimp out on a wee bit. I was always told to make money you have to spend money! Anyone who says that’s a lie is lying! How did you get to work today? A bus? A train? Did you drive? They all cost you money. To get to where you have to make money right? Okay, now I’m getting cheeky!

But seriously, marketing can often be expensive. It’s a bit of a hit and miss and definitely risky (if you're not sure what you're doing, or pick the wrong brand to handle it for you). Though, when successful, boy is it worth it! A big one you should make the most of is Social Media Influencers!

Sure the more well known they are, they more raised the price is. However! If you connect with an influencer who supports your brand and fits into your brand, that can be a huge success. The key with Influencers is that they have a brand prior to your connection. They have a following and chances are they’re trusted by that following. If they endorse your eyeliner, their followers will too because they trust the influencer.

That being said though you shouldn’t just be picking the influencer with the largest followings. Sure you’ll get the exposure and your name out there. If their following is mainly 16 year old girls and your business is dog walking, chances are 16 year old girls aren’t going to pay someone $50 a week to walk their dog when they probably don’t even get paid $50 a week.

Know your influencers brand and their followers! Do your research! 


5.     Don’t buy Instagram followers

This one is something any Social Media Marketer will scream at you! It is an utter waste of money. Your money! Sure buying followers will make it look like you have a large following but what’s the worth of 600k followers if you’re only receiving 10 likes per photo and not a single sale? It is not worth it I PROMISE.


6.     Instagram isn’t for you if you want an overnight success

I left the most important one for last! The main reason why business’ cost money is that they take time. If you’re starting from the ground up it takes a long time. *Ahem* Time is Money, right? What I’m trying to say is that building your empire will take time. You have to have the patience and dedication, along with persistence to build your business profile and brand. And this little fact is especially true on Instagram!

Instagram isn’t the marketing tool for you if you want a large following over night! It takes time to build and expand. It’s important to also remember it’s not always the number of your following that counts. It’s the interaction and connection with your following. 


7. Be authentic + Be yourself*

Ultimately, the power of social media is to give brands a chance to share their purpose piece, to raise their voice and amplify what makes them different. If being in front of the camera is not your style - that's okay (sometimes). Share your personality and what makes your brand unique through your copy + images + messaging. Don't go with the flow - step out, step up and let your customers know your why!

*Note: we can totally count - but just thought we'd be extra kind and share a bonus tip with you.

Feel free to drop us a comment or shoot us a message if you have any questions or to just let us know what you think! We're always keen for a chat!

This article was written by Ally Waye, this young creative spends her "on" time in our Social Cut office and her free time trawling through her favourite insta feeds (so pretty much the same thing)...