Confessions of a Startup Addict

When you get that buzz you know you're a start-up addict...

When you get that buzz you know you're a start-up addict...

I am beginning to consider myself as a bit of a startup addict. The buzz of getting a new business idea off the ground is exhausting, nerve racking and exhilarating at the same time. I'm in the midst of my third start up and I feel that I'm finally starting to get the hang of it! I'd love to share a few bits and pieces I have picked up on over the years that might save you some grief when establishing a small business.

Number one thing - ask! Ask for help, ask for advice and if you’ve got it in you, ask for investment. Deny it all they like, but people love being asked for help. It means that you think they’re doing a good job and that you resect that. Ask questions, be shameless! You can only benefit from asking. Even people that are doing things that you think are dreadful, ask them anyway…its the best way not to d the same thing!

Just do it. If you have an idea, have a crack. What is the worst that can happen? You lose a couple of hundred dollars building a website and registering a business name. I'm sure you have seen list after list of all the average jobs that billionaires had before they took a chance on an idea. As cheesy as it sounds, giving it a go is actually not all that hard.

If someone is difficult to deal with in the first instance, steer clear. If someone is a pain initially, then they are most likely to be a bigger pain later on. This may be staff, clients, co-founders, anyone! As tempting as it is to be everything to everyone, those noisy clients are often the ones who you spend the most amount of time on, and make the least amount of money out of! 

Most importantly, work hard but play hard too. I'm all about getting away for a weekend, hanging out with my kids and catching up with friends. Go skiing or bushwalking or whatever floats your boat, just don’t be tied to the desk 24/7.


This article was contributed by Jo Palmer - Jo established (and has since sold) three comprehensive learning centres that was running in regional NSW. She cofounded a sponsorship and event management company, Agri Alliance that specialises in events in the agricultural industry. Most recently she launched an online platform, Pointer that connects employers and recruiters with employees to fill roles that can be conducted remotely, be it from home or a co-working space. She lives on a farm at The Rock in NSW with her husband and two daughters.