How I Help Clients Find their Taste

Testing your Taste

My company GREAT WINE produces wine to start a new conversation about wine – what is your wine character or “vinotype?” Many clients don’t really know what they like, so making a choice among numerous bottles often means following what a wine critic says.

GREAT WINE instead inspires clients to discover their unique preferences and perspectives by providing them with wines that cater to the taste of different “vinotypes.” Besides adopting groundbreaking technology in wine making, GREAT WINE also collaborates with myVinotype – a smart wine recommendation platform for wine-related businesses and connoisseurs to learn more about clients’ “vinotype,” i.e. wine preferences and sensory abilities of people.

Launched in 2011, myVinotype first started as a website widget and a consumer survey. By 2016, the platform has launched an iOS app, and has become available in eight languages worldwide. The first collection of wine produced by GREAT WINE is named “PERCIPIO.” The word can mean “perception” in Latin, but it also includes notions of “feeling,” “observation,” “instinct,” and “experience.”

This multifaceted concept perfectly encapsulates the rich culture and intention behind PERCIPIO and the wine varies GREAT WINE offers. Growing out of PERCIPIO, my company upholds the three Ps as the core value.

They are - Perception: We elevate buying and tasting wines to be the most enjoyable times, because clients are creating new self-knowledge by share their views with friends and families at these moments. We believe that the fun part about wine is about sharing, not treating the wine world as a closed sphere only for wine geeks.

- Provenance: GREAT WINE seeks the best possible wine sources with traceable origins, to create delicious and healthy wines at a great price. Our clients need not worry about contamination of ingredients or dilution of wines.

- Professionalism: There was a time the CEO of GREAT WINE spent the whole day sampling over 80 wine samples, just to find that perfect taste for clients! To the GREAT WINE team, professionalism is to look at wine from the clients’ perspectives.

Lingering questions will always be how to make wine better for clients? How to promote wine clients would understand in their own terms? How to better train the team as friends of clients? As a female entrepreneur, I always think that confidence is the roots of beauty.

Every woman is unique and uniquely beautiful because they all have a different life experience. I network with other female entrepreneurs in different industries actively, and have never stopped feeling amazed to see how different women shine their beauty in life and in their professional fields.

We still see many women living under gender stereotyping and profiling, thinking that family should always be a woman’s top priority in life. I have had female friends who said I was a workaholic and this prevented me from finding my Mr. Right!

I think one’s true self is the most colorful, and I believe that more women will devote much of their time in the business world. I see myself as an active member of the business world, and will support more women to remain confident of their life choices.

This article was contributed by Danni Lin, CEO of GREAT WINE, Inc.