Brisbane's Best Affordable Workwear

Here are our go to stores for keeping your work wardrobe as hard working as you are.

Here are our go to stores for keeping your work wardrobe as hard working as you are.

Do you ever look at Rachel Zane, Claire Underwood, and Samantha Jones and wonder why the hell you can’t look as fierce as them at work? Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to afford those Gucci loafers or that Chanel jacket without having to take out a personal loan.

Lucky for you these Brisbane retailers are making it affordable for you to embrace your inner girl boss. 


Gone are the days where it was considered tacky to shop at Portmans for anyone under the age of 40. Portmans have come into the 21st century and invested in fashion-forward clothing for the everyday young professional.

Their new collection is a mixture of Cue and Topshop aiming to cater for both the professional and casual workplaces. Yes, I am the first to admit that their prices are still rather expensive however it's a wardrobe investment. If you need any more convincing try to pick something that could work for date night as well as the office, that’s what I like to call a #costsaving. 


Where would we be without our beloved Zara? Even though the Spanish retailer hasn’t been retailing here in Australia for very long they have already stolen our hearts and thousands from our bank account.

Whether you are looking for statement pieces or just looking to update your basics, Zara has you covered. Their European style ensures that you are always up to date with the latest trends in both clothing and accessories without breaking the bank. The only question you should be asking yourself is should I get this in multiple colours? 

image:  Anna Doody

image: Anna Doody


Don’t worry we haven’t lost our minds if you are looking for a reliable length skirt for work Sheike sale has you covered. When you think of Sheike the last thing you imagine is them stocking any clothes remotely appropriate for everyday workwear.

If you are not convinced I would recommend heading over to their sale page, you’ll thank us. Their combination of on trend colour blocking and sexy minx will ensure your desk to drink outfit is always on trend. 

image:  Keira Rumble
image:  Laura Stone

The Iconic

If you are looking for work appropriate clothes (at 3am, when you should be finishing a deadline rather than shopping) look no further than The Iconic. As one of the leading online fashion retailers there is literally something for everyone, you just need to have the patience to scroll through all 15 pages.

The best part of The Iconic is that it caters for all budgets and body types making it’s way to your favourite bar for work clothes. The Iconic has found the perfect balance between fashionable and functional workwear that doesn't require selling your kidney as a payment type. 

image:  The Iconic

image: The Iconic

image:  Danielle Kate

Wellmade Clothes

If you care deeply about people and the environment, but also care deeply about looking good, Wellmade Clothes are your go-to sustainable fashion house. This Aussie brand stocks labels that fall under the categories of; vegan, sustainable, handmade, transparent, fair, local, minimal waste and gender equality.

Every time we land on the Wellmade Clothes site we can't help but whip out our bingo pens and see how many times we can jump into the air screaming BINGO after hitting the ethical trifecta.

Bonus Wardrobe Tips

  • Our first bonus tip is to flay lay different outfit combinations, this will save you time and effort once you receive that impromptu girls’ night out message.

    • // Double bonus // This hack will allow you to visualise what’s in your wardrobe, instantly helping you justify spending $300 on that leather jacket.

  • Second bonus tip is to spend smart and purchase your big-ticket items in neutral colours ensuring they will be a wardrobe classic. Neutral block clothes are always a safe option and never go out of style, creating a versatile wardrobe.

  • Third bonus tip is to invest in clothing alteration for heaven's sake. There is nothing more unprofessional than wearing a piece of clothing that does not fit. Alterations are definitely worth the investment as an impeccable fit instantly cries out luxe girl rather than broke girl.

This article was written by Michele Jordaan, this young marketing whiz hangs out in the Social Cut Queen st office from time to time and is always sniffing out a good deal from her morning coffee to her #girlcrushable wardrobe.