Influencers: The Best Marketing Value Money Can Buy

Gaining influence with Influencers...

Gaining influence with Influencers...

Influencer marketing has exploded over the last few years. The expansion of social networks such as Instagram and Twitter have enabled passionate and well-connected influencers to rapidly expand their personal brand.

Marketing agencies have been quick to recognise the immense potential of this resource. Today, we see small startups and new brands leveraging the power of influencers to acquire new customers and expand their brand presence.


What Makes a Successful Influencer?

The key to success as an influencer is trust. These people develop a strong bond with their communities, often with an extremely personal touch. From vloggers to movie stars, the most successful influencers have an excellent rapport with their fans and target audience.


Maintaining Brand Values

Any marketing campaign must be shaped by brand values. The key to a successful campaign is effective storytelling, and a large part of this comes from the accurate transmission of a brand’s values through its marketing channels. When searching for an influencer, it is absolutely critical that you focus on those who best represent the values of your brand.


Learn From the Best

The best examples of influence marketing draw on all the important characteristics of choosing the right influencer. They have an excellent rapport with their fans, they signify the brand values to an extreme degree, and they represent the brand in a responsible and entertaining fashion.


Nick Offerman’s Partnership with My Tales of Whisky

Nick Offerman, of Parks and Recreation fame, has attained a firm reputation as a “manly man” with somewhat progressive values. The piece de resistance of his partnership with My Tales of Whiskey is a 45-minute film of him sitting by a rustic fireplace, enjoying whiskey. For the entire 45-minute advertisement, not a word is spoken.

This partnership worked perfectly. His work with My Tales of Whisky perfectly encapsulated their brand values and achieved significant success in alluring a new, younger market segment to the brand. This piece has been nominated for multiple awards and is widely lauded as one of the leading examples of influencer marketing.

Experience it here. TV spot Featuring Jeff Goldblum secured a coveted 60 second  TV slot during the 2016 Super Bowl. The advertisement features Jeff Goldblum and a choir, promoting #movinonup, the hashtag developed by as part of their digital marketing campaign.

The advertisement featured a cameo from Lil Wayne, creating a perfect juxtaposition between Goldblum’s refinement and Lil Wayne’s often crass nature.

This achieved the twin goals of gaining massive exposure for the brand, while also emphasising its core values. is a website that everyone from any walk of life can use.

Enjoy it here!


Michelle Alan – Serial Influencer

Ex-model Michelle Alan launched herself to fame via her Instagram account. A constant stream of tasteful shots of herself, her husband and her baby to be, have gained her a loyal and committed following of over 150,000 people.

Due to the glamorous lifestyle depicted through her Instagram account, Michelle has attracted the attention of multiple brands seeking to capitalise on her personal brand. Recently, she was given an Audi Q2 to test drive as part of a small promotional deal. She also partners with fashion brands and has found significant success partnering with maternity wear firms during her pregnancy.

Michelle pulls anywhere from 900 to 9000 likes for her images. Brands choose to partner with her because she portrays a beautiful, successful image – something that certain brands are constantly trying to represent.

You can find her at @Mish_Mac


The Upshot

When working with an influencer, it’s important to keep two things in mind: Your audience and their audience. Whether you’re kicking off a gym gear brand via Instagram influencers or launching a global online marketplace, it’s important to select the right person to partner with. 

The best influencers attain an inextricable connection with the brands they work for in the public eye. It’s a long-term play. Research your preferred influencer, understand the way they interact with their audience, and decide whether their personal values align with your brand. If they do, you’re in luck. If they don’t, move on, because your brand must be in the hands of the right person.


Contributed by Maria Bellissimo Magrin - CEO of Belgrin