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Anyone Can Invent Nowadays

Anyone Can Invent Nowadays

There are so many resources online now to make your ideas become a reality. I invented Mantra Magnets, earrings with tiny motors that vibrate on your earlobes and act as powerful neuro-therapy tools to aid in meditation and reduce stress. 

Sounds complicated, right? Pair that with the fact that I have absolutely zero engineering or product design experience. I’m a journalist with no background in design, manufacturing or electronics. 

So how did I create a product? Using a few key websites, I was able to gather the materials I needed to build a prototype, without investing thousands of dollars. 

When you are crafting your own prototype, go to AliExpress for all your needs. It is a company based in China that sells everything imaginable. You can order the parts you need for a quarter of the price they would normally be in a major retail store. Not to mention, there is free shipping. The only downside is these items could take 12-21 days to get to you, so make sure you plan ahead. 

If you’re running into a wall with your design, you can use Fiverr to hire designers to help you. Some of the people offering services on Fiverr are students who are trying to get their foot in the door and will do it for fifteen to thirty dollars. It’s a great resource for finding markers, designers, engineers and people that can help you get the word out about your product. 

Once you have a tangible product, you’ll want to protect it by getting a patent. The problem is, that can run you about $5,000. But there are ways to cut the costs by skipping a patent attorney and filing your own provisional patent instead. This will only protect you for a year. The hope is that you make money off your product in that time, enough to invest in a more long-term patent. Depending on the size of your product, a provisional patent filing fee starts at sixty-five bucks. 

A great resource to create a free website for your product is Strikingly. It is very intuitive and allows you to put a free shop on your page where people can buy your invention. If you want your own domain name, it will cost you anywhere from eight to sixteen dollars a month. If you don’t mind having “strikingly” after your product name, then it is totally free. 

Danielle Radin is a journalist, author and inventor. She is the founder of Mantra Magnets, earrings that vibrate on your ear lobes, resetting your frontal cortex and instantly calming you before stressful situations. She is also the author of Become a Networking Ninja, a book on landing your dream job in the modern world.