Let’s cut to the chase: Influencer Marketing!

If you aren’t really all that tapped into the marketing world you possibly have no idea what influencer marketing is. Well here’s the bottom line on influencer marketing, every day people like you and me, may have a larger following on social media platforms. This following have cult like traits, where an influencer will promote a product – for example a beauty vlogger on YouTube will create a makeup tutorial with Benefits products – and the followers are more inclined to purchase the products used to achieve the same look or because of the recommendation from said vlogger. Talk about a relationship built on trust!


Though that’s quite a basic run down, there’s a lot more work and dedication that goes into successfully marketing through a social media influencer. A lot of this comes down to their following. Are they trusted and relatable? Better yet are they focused on their own branding to connect with their following? Are they compatible to the brand they are promoting? UGHHH SO MANY QUESTIONS!! However they’re all important to influencer marketing. Especially if it’s going to be of benefit to a business.


Fear not. This blog will tell you what you should know if you’re a business looking into influencer marketing and if you’re an influencer trying to connect with brands!


Are you a business? - Let’s step back a little and talk about how influencers can benefit your Business.

Sometimes Influencers are reaching a different demographic.

If your business has a following that’s mainly women aged 25 – 30, then it’s safe to say, your business typically won’t be reaching women from the ages of 16 – 21. So if you’re hoping to move your product into a new market then you may want to start considering working with a social media influencer who’s primary audience is women aged 16 – 21 years old, who have a recognised trust in said social media influencer.


Though keep in mind, you’re looking for promotion and conversation with your business and not just a certain number of likes on a post.  This is where you need to ensure your connecting to the right influencers for your brand. Don’t connect with a beauty guru who promotes a vegan lifestyle if you’re selling products that aren’t vegan. Know your brand and theirs.

In saying that - it’s also beneficial to work with influencers who already have the same audience that you do, it’s likely that they’re already recognised by some of your customers further cementing your brand as their preferred supplier. It may also open you up to new customers who’s logically purchase your product any way but may not have heard of it or perhaps were waiting for someone else to try it.


Take time to connect with influencers who believe in what you do.

There’s going to be times where an influencer won’t care about your product. To them you may just be helping them buy a new handbag. I can’t stress how important it is to connect with an influencer who truly supports your business and is proud to represent it. As a business you are focused on delivering an authentic message on who you are and what you do… An influencer should be an extension of this message!

Are you an Influencer? Welcome to the scary world of marketing (I’m just kidding – you’re in for the ride of your life!)

Now if you’ve found your way here you’ve built a following from a passion. Whether its beauty, fashion or fitness, it can be a career. Of course it’s a hard road but the rewards are endless. Here’s some thing you should know before signing any deals. Whether it be a brand or an agency.


Do they have your best interests at heart?

You’ve slaved over your social media platforms and built up a following that trust and connect with you. You may even find that they support you in your business ventures. Though when you start promoting products you might feel that you need to promote each one that comes your way. NO! The key isn’t the number of promo codes you have in your captions, it’s the importance of the brand you’re promoting. Don’t promote something you either don’t support or don’t use. Remain truthful to your following. If a brand is asking you to promote something you know isn’t quality it’s okay to say no. Your following isn’t worth losing.


Are they in it for you or for themselves?

It’s hard to know someone’s intentions when money is involved. Brands often throw a larger figure at you if you have a larger following just because they want you to come on board and promote their product so they’re able to produce more sales and traffic to their business. It’s important to know your worth and stand your ground. It’s easy to start comparing yourself to another influencer in the same field and think that they’re doing better or getting more contracts than you, 90% of the time this isn’t the case, they may have been gifted the product or perhaps only paid a small amount for the promo. So don’t water down your message - wait for the right brand for you! An agent will assist with filtering out the greedy brands and presenting you to the brands who will have your back!


Agent’s know how to talk the talk! Better yet, they’re connected to the industry!

Believe it or not an agent’s got your back. They’re throwing themselves on the line almost as much as you are. They’re here to help to you! Your agent knows your brand as well as you do. They know what to say yes and no to. What’s even better about these underdogs, if you want to connect with a brand, rather then waiting for them to come to you, your agent makes it happen.

This article was written by Ally Waye, Account and Influencer Manager. Ally spends her "on" time in our Social Cut office and her free time trawling through her favourite insta feeds (so pretty much the same thing)...