How to Have a Reset Year - Our 2019 Picks

You’ve decided to take that leap of faith and take some time out from your busy life… that’s great! The world is full of exciting opportunities and there truly is something for everyone, cue the cliché saying you’ve heard a thousand times before: ‘the world is your oyster’. As cliché as we know it sounds, there is truth to it!

Everyone needs the opportunity to take a step back from it all, whether that be your corporate job, the end of a degree or pivoting your start up that you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into building. Slowing down and managing your thoughts is all part of the mindfulness approach, and having that well deserved reset year to clear your mind could be exactly what you need!

Embarking on this type of adventure usually requires a lot of thought and planning to keep you living your best life whilst away from home, but don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our pick of top destinations for 2019 and some solid ideas on how to have that reset year the right way.


1. New Zealand

An ideal location for those in need of a little (or should we say a LOT of) adventure.

New Zealand has been climbing the list of most desirable places to live and work for a while now, and it’s easy to see why! Sometimes all we need is a little adrenaline to make us feel alive again, and from the glorious summits of Mt Cook to the endless action-packed adventures (did anyone say world’s biggest catapult?), New Zealand has no shortage of activities on offer. Get that perfect work-life balance among the slopes of The Remarkables. You deserve it.

Luckily if you’re an Aussie, you’ll be able to pick up work quite easily thanks to the Australian Resident visa. NZ is currently seeing an employment boom with one of the world’s fastest growing economies and lowest employment rates. If you’re in the digital space, your skills will be in high demand, or if you’re looking to totally “reset” from it all, consider picking up a job in tourism or hospitality while you’re there!



2. Tel Aviv

Escaping the corporate rat race and diving head first into the unpredictable start-up world.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s renowned capital, has ranked as the ‘Start-Up capital of the world 2018’, and for good reason. If you’re up for working closely with entrepreneurs in a high energy, high tech scene, then you need look no further. It’s common to feel dissociated from your 9-5 and when you’re looking for something to spark that creativity in you once again, why not make the most of your fresh start at a start-up?!

In Tel Aviv, the only predictable career pathway is that you’ll be digitally disrupting something. From the beauty industry through to the medical field, everything is getting a tech shake up. If you’re looking to make the most of your reset year while seeing a different side of the world, Tel Aviv well set be sure to set you up with some seriously future proof skill sets.



3. Peru

You didn’t learn all that history for nothin’

It seems that every time I scroll through my Insta feed I come across someone posing among the amazing backdrop at Machu Picchu. Yes it’s beautiful, and anyone with eyes can see that!

But if you’re one of the few people who appreciate these landmarks so much so that you immediately relate it to their history, you might try your luck as a tour guide in the colonial city of Cusco, Peru.

Surrounding yourself in this ancient city whilst making money teaching your knowledge to travelers excited to learn from the expert (that’s you) - sounds like a pretty great reset year to me.



4. Caribbean

When you feel like giving back

We’re lucky enough to live in a country where our necessary needs are met, however this isn’t the case for many individuals worldwide. If you need to get back to basics and want to lend a hand helping out after a natural disaster, then why not explore the British Virgin Islands?

After being devastated by hurricane Irma in September 2017 the Caribbean communities are still in full clean up mode, if you want that ‘once in a lifetime’ unforgettable experience, then it’s right here!

While we’re not shouting out short-term VolunTourism as the best way to give back, if you’re in it for the long haul, there are thousands of organisations, who are desperately searching for volunteers. We recommend looking for organisations who align with the UN’s Sustainble Development Goals and doing a bit of digging before heading down this pathway.



5. South Korea

If you have a passion for fashion

If you’re up for making a statement, you’ll easily fit in with the fashion crowd residing in Seoul, South Korea. It may not be Paris or New York, but who needs them when you can immerse yourself in one of the coolest city’s in the world!?

Get among it and gather much needed inspo by people watching and creating your own unique street style! Double points if you’re a serial Instagrammer or vlogger. Combine your love for fashion and use social media, write blogs, or make YouTube videos to make some dollars, and voila! You now have the perfect recipe for a top reset year.



6.  Melbourne

 This is for all you musicians

You might be surprised to learn that the city of Melbourne was named the live music capital in the WORLD this year! Melbourne is perfect for anyone not wanting to venture too far from home yet wanting to try their hand at something unfamiliar and albeit ~ bold. If you can strum the guitar like Jimi Hendrix or drum so well Dave Grohl would be jealous, now is your time to go all out! Busk on a busy city street, perform gigs with other local musicians and have fun taking your mind off the ins and outs of your life. That’s the whole point of this, right?


Taking a reset year is a choice you have to make for you, and no one else should determine whether you need or don’t need it. Now is the time to set aside your worries and focus your energy onto being the best you, you can be! Everyone needs time to clear their minds and decide what’s most important to them, and having a reset year may just be the experience you’ll thank yourself for taking 20 years from now. Pay attention to the present, connect with yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and don’t forget… the world is your oyster!

This Article was contributed by Aneesa Manners, a digital marketing intern here at Social Cut. Aneesa, a travel addict herself, is always on the hunt for the next adventure!